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We Just Got Back from Bagram

We just got back from Bagram the other day, I am certainly really glad to be back in the states. Of course I made some really unique pals over there. I knew this one guy who obviously was not in the U.S Air Force, although he did try to blend in with the rest of us. He was some sort of intelligence analyst, but you do not ask about that sort of thing. If you do you will not get an answer. He was always listening to songs that were in the local languages, although I could never tell which one it was. He was really into this and was always talking to the locals about their music. The southern part of Afghanistan and the really wild parts of Pakistan are inhabited by the Pashtun or Pashto. They are the people we are most interested in, because that is what the majority of the Taliban are ethnically. Continue reading

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The More Electricity You Use the More You Can Save with a Rate Reduction

Unless you are living off of the grid, you need to have someone provide you with electricity. Now here in Texas, we can choose who that provider is. We met some basic usage criteria that made us a decent candidate for saving a good bit of money on our monthly electric bill. We have a barn and detached garage along with a big house and a couple of outbuildings. Everything has electricity running to it. We use way over 1,000 kilowatt hours per month. I looked at http://www.energyproviderstexas.com/reliant-energy-texas/ to see what we could save. In July the AC burns up a lot of that 1,000 plus kilowatt hours at the house in no time. We have outside lights that stay burning all night too. The street lamp type that are very bright. My air compressor in the garage is on a 220 volt circuit.

We needed to get a lower per kilowatt hour rate for electricity. Continue reading

Five Reasons To Contact A Business Law Firm

A growing area of legal practice, business law deals with the creation of new companies and the legal issues that inevitably arise as they interact with people, other businesses, and the government. Although many of these issues can be handled independently, there are certain scenarios where it may be necessary to retain a lawyer. Here are five of them.

Forming a Corporation

While it’s certainly possible to form a legal business entity such as an LLC without an attorney, establishing a corporation with a board and shareholders is an incredibly complicated process. Of particular concern is the administrative side of the equation, which typically includes complex tax and legal requirements that simply cannot be handled by the layman. It is no wonder that many corporations have a lawyer, or a team of lawyers, on retainer. New owners can save some money by filing the articles of incorporation on their own. The simple process does not require a legal degree.


From the town barbershop to a multi-national corporation, all companies can be sued for a variety of reasons. Common lawsuit categories include discrimination or harassment, copyright infringement, environmental, and government lawsuits. Whether the goal is to settle cases in order to avoid bad press or to fight the dispute in court, corporate lawyers can lend a hand. In addition to representing the business as a whole, attorneys can also represent company employees.

Filing a Patent

Have you ever wondered why the words “patent pending” are so common in the marketplace? Hundreds of thousands of applications are received each year, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) cannot approve them immediately. At the last count, it took about three years for the average applicant to receive a patent on a product or invention. In addition to helping you file the paperwork, a patent attorney who works for a business law firm can help you understand the rights you will achieve if and when you are granted a patent.

Buying or Selling a Company

When a deal involves several zeroes, corporate lawyers are almost always involved. Whether they represent the buyer or the seller, attorneys who work for business law firms can help negotiate a sales agreement that makes both sides happy. They can also arrange lease agreements and other deals. For larger clients, a team of legal professionals may be employed to acquire another firm through a hostile takeover or an asset purchase plan. As you might imagine, these complicated deals require legal guidance to ensure that everything adheres to the letter of the law.

Hiring Certain Employees

In today’s corporate world, there are many situations where an employee might be given access to company secrets. If this sensitive information were to get out, it could hurt the company, perhaps irreparably. As such, many firms have employees sign confidentially agreements. A seasoned attorney can help ensure that these agreements are legally enforceable.

All of the aforementioned business matters can be handled by a corporate attorney.

Important Information From a DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence is not only against the law it is dangerous. What some do not realize is you can face charges for this offense even if you have not had a single drop of alcohol. An experienced DUI attorney can help you navigate proceedings stemming from an arrest and help you understand why the charges were brought in the first place.

Understanding Operating While Intoxicated Charges

Alcohol is obviously the most common reason for driving under the influence charges. However, if you are caught operating a motor vehicle after smoking marijuana or taking prescription drugs, even if you have a prescription, you can be charged.

Driving while intoxicated means that you have been operating a vehicle while impaired by either drugs or alcohol to a level in which you cannot operate the car safely. Because drugs, including prescription medications, can be responsible for the impairment, blood alcohol level tests are not always administered and entered into evidence.

If you take prescription medications such as opioids and benzodiazepines, you shouldn’t operate machinery until you are certain how the drugs will affect you. These medications have potential side effects of excessive drowsiness. You should also talk to your doctor if you are required to operate a vehicle as part of your job description. You should notify your employer as well if you are taking these pills.

What Your DUI Attorney Should Tell You

Of course, if you find yourself facing operating under the influence charges, you should find a reputable DUI attorney. This person should be an expert in handling not only alcohol related cases but instances where you may be charged for being impaired by medication. It is one of the many questions you should be asking when you interview different lawyers to represent you.

One of the things that your new DUI attorney should do is explain what penalties the charges carry. While each state is different on how they punish the crime, all of them have some sort of fine and possible restriction on your license for a period. Typically, a first offense will see you losing your license for anywhere from a few months to a year and paying a heavy fine to the state. You may even have to take classes to have your license reinstated. Usually, your punishment will include some community service.

If this is not your first offense, you may be looking at jail time. Your lawyer will know exactly how much you will be facing, but it could range from a few days to a few years depending on the charges. You should speak to your representative about any deals that may commute your sentence if possible.

There is a lot of important information that your DUI attorney should go over with you. While an experienced lawyer won’t give you a firm answer on what your chances of winning the case will be, at least not at first, he or she should be able to tell you the possible consequences so you can know how you want to proceed.